Bangkok on the Fly

Since my trip to Thailand, I’ve become a HUGE advocate for solo travel. There is something so much more spontaneous about making decisions that are 100% your own. It’s a cliche, but you learn so much about yourself in the process. I firmly believe that most places around the world are safe for solo female travelers as long as you practice common sense. However, a lot of this depends on your comfort zone. Bangkok was outside of my comfort zone.

Now, I know there are plenty of way more seasoned and outgoing travel ladies out there who would disagree with me. I definitely did Bangkok incorrectly, and I would love to give it a second chance in the future. I hadn’t even really wanted to go to Bangkok, but decided it deserved at least one night as the capital of Thailand. Ultimately,  I was uncomfortable the entire time I was there. Here are the mistakes I made…

Mistake #1: Not booking a hostel ahead of time.

By the end of my time in Thailand, I was feeling pretty spontaneous. Although I had planned on which hostel I wanted to stay in, I was immediately overwhelmed by the city and ended up wandering into a hostel and asking for a bed. Technically, it wasn’t the sketchiest hostel I’ve ever stayed in (see Sihanoukville) but it was pretty damn close. There was also NOTHING welcoming about the hostel, which is something I’m used to in hostels.


Mistake #2: Staying on Khao San Road.

If you like to get crazy, Khao San Road is the place for you in Bangkok. It’s a grungy street of cheap hostels and sketchy clubs dripping with tourist scammers. Even if clubs were a big interest of mine, a strict rule I follow as a solo female traveler is NOT to get drunk. Yeah, you might make some great memories… but you might also get kidnapped. Not to sound like a party-pooper or something, but Khao San Road just isn’t my scene.


These two errs in judgement put a damper on my time in Bangkok, but I still managed to  enjoy some of the amazing sites, such as the Grand Palace. The most expensive and most crowded attraction of my time in Thailand, I was blown away by this magnificent palace. The Grand Palace alone makes it worth your time to stop in Bangkok for a day if you’re travelling to Thailand. Which brings me to my third and most grievous mistake of my Bangkok adventure…

Mistake #3: Not taking my camera to the Grand Palace.

You have to understand… I was on the final day of my amazing Southeast Asia trip, I had thousands of amazing pictures on my camera, and I didn’t really think “one more temple” would make a huge difference. Additionally, I had a really sketchy rough night on Khao San road the evening prior and I was feeling more anxious and uncomfortable that I have before while traveling. As such, I was only able to snag some phone pictures of this amazing site.


Why visit Bangkok?

Well, it’s the capital of Thailand! It’s a wild bustling place of activity and culture. I think many, many people have had wonderful experiences in Bangkok. However, if you’re not a college backpacker looking to black out on the cheap… maybe don’t stay on Khao San Road. It’s truly not the best that Bangkok has to offer.


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